About Our Haunt

The Hellizondo Haunt started out as family and friends getting together each year to decorate for Halloween, hand out candy, and to scare kids. In 2007 we got serious and did our first themed yard haunt and thus Haunted Tiki Island Was born. From humble beginnings in 2007 we grew our haunt each year, adding more props and scares. In 2008 we added our first animated props, and in 2009 we built our first mini-maze. In 2009 Haunted Tiki Island won the “Best Static Props” award from the Haunters Video Awards, and in 2010, Rasputin’s Carnival of Risk won the coveted “Best Indoor Walk Through” haunt (even though our haunt is technically outdoors).

At the Hellizondo Haunt, we make 95% of our props by hand. You’ll find corpses built from PVC & Paper Mache,  audio-animatronic skeletons, and many props that are unique one-of-a-kind  sculptures. The 5% we buy are bugs, spiderwebs, crows, and maybe some rats.

Atmosphere is a big production at the Hellizondo Haunt. We employ fog machines, lights of all sizes and colors,  an immersive soundscape, and even specialized scent packets to transport you to another place and time. The haunt has varied both indoor and outdoor haunt areas each with unique scenes and moods, ranging from frenetic strobe lit areas to the spooky magic of the blacklight zone.

In 2010 we launched our second theme, Rasputin’s Carnival of Risk. We are taking the tired and worn-out Carnival theme and adding a new twist. Gone are the Killer Clowns and Chainsaws, the polka dot rooms, and cheap latex masks of old. In their place you find a small Russian carnival of freaks and sideshow performers led by the mysterious Grigori Rasputin, sorcerer and arch villain, as he travels through time collecting the dead for his army of puppet-like zombies.

In 2013 we introduced The Witches of ScabTree Hollow. I fictional retelling of the Salem Witch trials but with a dramatic twist. In ScabTree Hollow the witches don’t always stay dead.