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The Final Year of ScabTree Hollow!

Wednesday, October 5th, 2016

Returning for 2016!


The Haunt at Hellizondo will be back for 2016 featuring the FINAL YEAR of the Witches of ScabTree Hollow!

If you haven’t seen our current theme, this will be the last year to check it out.

In the late 17th century, in the small Massachusetts town of ScabTree Hollow, Judge Hearthorne has made a deal with the devil to to sentence innocent townspeople to death for so-called “witchcraft.” For every soul he sends to the devil, the devil pays him a silver piece in turn. But in the depths of the forest lurks a coven of real witches, and they are on the side of the innocents. If you’ve accused and judged your innocent brothers and sisters wrongly, the Witches of ScabTree Hollow will ensnare you in their underground lair and entangle you in the thorny vines of their sinister pumpkin patch, where you will rot away until October 31. On Old Hallows Eve, the witches will release their army of rotting pumpkin souls to exact revenge in the name of those falsely accused. You have one chance to escape: Reveal your guilt inside the Confession House, and they might show you mercy….








The Haunt at Hellizondo will return in 2017 with an ALL-NEW THEME! Be sure to check this site throughout the year as we bring you the theme reveal and construction pictures.