All that Remains

One of the challenges we have had every year setting up is what to do with the fountain in Patty’s yard. In 2009 we threw black fabric over it and no one really saw it. But its a big waste of space in the haunt so in 2011 we removed most of it and build Dee Dee Dimples around it. Pretty good cover up, but moving the concrete sections of the fountain was tough work and it never really went back together the same way again.

Dee Dee Dimples


Last year we kinda tried to maybe make it look like a bonfire that had died down or some kind of ..i don’t know. It looked halloweenish and that was OK but it bothered Patty. Let’s say I don’t have a picture of it so that what a success it was. However, this year Patty built a cover that slides over the fountain that requires no disassembly.



It’s quite a nice paper mache tree stump. Made from ground cover fabric, blue shop towels, and latex house paint mache it’s very tough and flexible. It will be festooned with scary drippy candles and look like its is still smoldering after being struck by lighting (as out tree that you enter is supposed to look).


Patty also got a good deal on cheap foam rubber balls sold as kid’s toys. She cut those in half and using PVC pipe and more mache made some very nice mushrooms to be growing out of the tree. We’ll reserve some for the black light area as well.



Patty’s paint job is amazing.


Also being made by Patty is the classic scared to death gravedigger. Just getting underway he is a Chattering teeth halloween toy you’ll see in store this season with a foam and paper clay head being built around it. Throw in some taxidermy Human eyes for extra creep factor and you can get a feel for how this guy will turn out.



I finished up the abomination skull I was working on. This was going to be the creature hung from the cross and burnt to death, But I think I might have made him too cool. I’ll make a another abomination and see if it works out better.



This weekend was way more comfortable than last weeks 107f. At a light breezy 85F we got a lot done. I finished making the facades for the driveway set and Kendra, Bill, and I painted all the facades as well. We invented or adapted a art school technique to make woodgrain on a smooth surface. We painted it a darker base coat color then went over it with a lighter color and immediately scraped away the wet paint. It was photo realistic, but when you look at it it looks like old wood.






Above is a scraper I made from a plexi scrap at work. It was designed for texturing pink foam but once the points were sanded down it made a good wood texture. Something I’ll have to try improve upon as it made texturing very fast and easy.


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