Halloween 2013 – The Witches of Scabtree Hollow – Year 1

sign and patty

Gallows and sign

Bobby the Town Cryer

 Craig as Judge Hearththorne

confession house

confession house witch

confession house weapons

rat on boxes

Albert the Werewolf

burnt witch and house

burnt witches 2


coffin wraiths

Courtney the Witch

watcher horiz


Bill the Ghoul

wraith and tree


emily drop panel

Kendra the Hag

three sisters

pelican and buzzard witches

humming witch 2

humming witch

skeleton curse


skeleton curse and horny bones

black light forest overall



creeper and the king



Forest left


bat thing reborn

4 Responses to “Halloween 2013 – The Witches of Scabtree Hollow – Year 1”

  1. Robby Charbeneau says:

    Very Impressive! what kind of light system do you guys have working with the pumpkins? and do they flicker? looks great!!

  2. Dean Logan says:

    Wow. Just wow.

    Love your work. Gorgeous stuff.

    Being a home haunter myself ( http://www.pinterest.com/deanologan/logan-home-haunt/ ) I had to wonder how do you get those amazing webs?! It looks like it may be one of the old web shooters from Terror By Design, but the pattern feels too random and scattered.

    Any tips for achieving that awesome effect?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.


  3. Mike says:

    Dude….you outdid yourself in 2013. I’ve been following your builds for the last few years and this takes the cake. Simply awesome.

  4. Devils Chariot says:

    Thanks Mike. We always try to out do ourselves.

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