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As the show leaves town

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

This was the final year of the Carnival of Risk. In keeping with our modus operandi we will be changing themes after three years of the circus and sideshow.

It was a very fun Halloween Eve and Halloween Night. We had a lot of fun and a lot of great scares. While we weren’t able to build any new props we were able to fix old props and build some some new scares.

I uploaded the scare reel from our submission to the Home Haunter’s Award Video DVD. We submitted a 10 minute video to for the DVD which you’ll be able to see if you buy the disk. I will be making a more narrative version of the video (like I did for the final year of Haunted Tiki Island) for our own DVD that I make for each of the people in our haunt.


I also wanted to thank the Haunt Crew that has stuck with us all this way. They made the Carnival of Risk a lot of fun and a great memory for me and for all of the neighbors. The haunt crew is a collection of family, friends, and neighbors who have come together to scare and entertain the neighbors. I am a difficult man but they have put up with me all these years and that means a lot to me.

groups shot 2012

Here is a collection of all the posters from the last three years. these were hung at the entrance of the haunt and showed each haunter in their costume for that year.

Dr. Drakkos


I also want to thank a guy in Pasadena who bought all of our props and sets after this years Halloween. He helps the Carnival of Risk live on and saved us/made us some money. I can’t wait to see what he does with it next year.

moving  bye bye

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Bye Bye Carnival of Risk. We have to make a new haunt.