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Halloween 2011

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

It was a long hard summer, but we pulled through and built a lot of new stuff for 2011 with  just 3 people (and joe). Whether of not there will be a Halloween 2012 is still undecided but for now here is Rasputin’s Carnival of Risk 2011 in all of it’s black lit glory.


The Entrance to Carnival of Risk

Social Media

The Ticket Booth

The Tall Man (stand in) Bowl the Skull 1.5

Candy Creep 2.0

Sweet Genius! Mr. Tickles

Good Will Hunting Script

Dragons Ride Tonight!


Fiji Mermaid

The Gryphon

The Steed

Mr. Chuckles

The Sausage Shack DD Dimples is out to lunch

DD Dimples

Grinder Creep and the Heap

Boiler Parts

Black Light Area View 2

Mr. Electro

Mr. Electro

Hare Lipped Boy

Hare Lipped Boy

Sy Fishman Booth

Sy Fishman


Wild man of Borneo Booth

Boiler Part
Social Media Marketing Dallas

Black Light area view 1


Fireworks from the far east I call it Frogurt!



Dallas Testosterone