Boxes, Boxes Everywhere

Last weekend was Box-Mania! The blacklight area continues to come together. On one side, we’ll be having the freak show, and on the other side, a fireworks booth and stacks of sinister jack-in-the-boxes. Craig spent all day Sunday building the boxes. Old pallet wood retrieved from behind a dumpster was broken up into pieces and reassembled and spray painted to look like very old crates to hold fireworks.

Kendra worked on building some of the fireworks to go in the booth and in the crates. They are, of course, painted for black light. We’ll also have an awesome firework scare for this area. Seven fireworks down…23 more to go.

Patty assembled her ticket booth and gave it a base coat of paint. This booth will be placed in front of the wall in the driveway. The half-faced woman will be manning the booth with her friendly smile.

Elsewhere, Mr. Electro got a snazzy pair of purple pants. The thrift store pants were dipped in a starch-water mixture and then covered in latex paint. The result is a semi-rigid pair of pants that can be painted any color. You can bet they will eventually be glowing in the blacklight.

This coming weekend includes creating more fireworks plus lots of priming and painting. We hope to get the stage and bridge builds under way. Haunt season is starting, and a trip to Knott’s Scary Farm is planned for Sunday. We can’t wait to get out there and see what the pro haunts have come up with this year.
Speaking of pro-haunts, check out this awesome web site devoted to haunt news and reviews! The Scare Zone

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