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Boxes, Boxes Everywhere

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Last weekend was Box-Mania! The blacklight area continues to come together. On one side, we’ll be having the freak show, and on the other side, a fireworks booth and stacks of sinister jack-in-the-boxes. Craig spent all day Sunday building the boxes. Old pallet wood retrieved from behind a dumpster was broken up into pieces and reassembled and spray painted to look like very old crates to hold fireworks.

Kendra worked on building some of the fireworks to go in the booth and in the crates. They are, of course, painted for black light. We’ll also have an awesome firework scare for this area. Seven fireworks down…23 more to go.

Patty assembled her ticket booth and gave it a base coat of paint. This booth will be placed in front of the wall in the driveway. The half-faced woman will be manning the booth with her friendly smile.

Elsewhere, Mr. Electro got a snazzy pair of purple pants. The thrift store pants were dipped in a starch-water mixture and then covered in latex paint. The result is a semi-rigid pair of pants that can be painted any color. You can bet they will eventually be glowing in the blacklight.

This coming weekend includes creating more fireworks plus lots of priming and painting. We hope to get the stage and bridge builds under way. Haunt season is starting, and a trip to Knott’s Scary Farm is planned for Sunday. We can’t wait to get out there and see what the pro haunts have come up with this year.
Speaking of pro-haunts, check out this awesome web site devoted to haunt news and reviews! The Scare Zone

Setting the Stage

Friday, September 16th, 2011

Last weekend, we framed out the panels that will separate the individual freaks on stage in the blacklight area. Construction began on the man who will tend the fireworks booth. This year’s upgrades will be almost entirely in the blacklight area, but we think it will turn out awesome.

Craig and Joe build the dividing walls.

Can you see me? The divisions will separate the freaks from each other, and also hide one of our actors.

An old prop gets a new outfit and paint job. (Makeover by Patty.)

This poor soul is caught between this life and the afterlife. (Of course, created by Patty.)

This guy will stand in for our live actor tall man (Jay) when his feet get too tired from the stilts. Another prop from the Patty factory.

Close up of the tall man’s creepy face.

This coming weekend, we hope to retrieve some stuff from our storage unit and begin assembly of some of the larger structures and repair of some of last year’s props that fell apart as the night went on. There is still a lot to do, and extra time to work on anything is hard to come by.

It’s Time to Get Serious

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Is it September already?

Although we’ve been mostly silent on this blog all summer, we have been working on our haunt. Slowly. Stressful jobs and traveling have interrupted our builds, but progress has been made. Patty has established a veritable creature factory in her house, and she’s been churning out freaks at an impressive rate. We’ve been building the stage for the freaks and have come up with some ideas for the UV area that we hope will be a big improvement over last year’s┬álast-minute, balloon-filled scene.

With only 53 days left until Halloween (52 if we open on Sunday night!), it’s time to really get serious about building and creating. We’ll try to update this site more often so you can follow our progress.

The early framework of what will be the freak show stage.

The freak show stage completed. Next to build are the walls to separate the four freaks.

The early stage of fishman, one of the freaks.

Fishman: completed! He is also painted for black light.

Isn’t he pretty? His scales are made of lentils and peas.

Mr. Electro gets some mache. Nothing like sweaty latex gloves on a hot summer day.

Mr. Electro’s head started out as a wig form purchased from a beauty supply store.

Every carnival needs some pennants. We’re giving them the black light treatment.

Meanwhile, Cauldron Creep gets a second life. This time, he’ll be strong enough to stir cotton candy all night.