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Build Week 1 – 2011

Monday, June 27th, 2011

We kicked of 2011 with a modest build. We didn’t really rally the troops so I guess there is no complaining. We made some progress and it’s worthy and noble. However, Patty has been going full steam on her own and has already kicked out two whole props so far.

Like riding a scooter

First is Dandy Dumplin. Yesiree, just 80 years ago someone this fat would be in a freak show. Now they are just in line at Wal-Mart.

Bad, Bad monkey

Patty made this as a successor to Mr. Chuckles. Except this guy is freakin scary! Bad, Bad monkey. Kinda looks like one of the Gremlins.

Kendra and I worked setting up a template for the new display that will be on the porch area. This year it will have a hall of freaks and a corpse processing area.

Sketch up Porch

The four people standing in a row on the platform will be where each freak has a booth decorated to match where they came from. As of now we will have A Fishman, The Rabbit Boy, Mr.Electro, and head hunter (who is a placeholder if someone else decides to make a freak).

Kendra and I built a PVC template for each booth so we could build the props before we built the wooden booths. Here is me posing in one of the possible poses for Mr. Electro.

Pose for mr Electro

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Here is the armature I made based on the above photo used as reference.

Mr. Electro

I think getting the armature looking natural is the only way the props will come out looking realistic. Stiff armatures make stiff looking zombies.

sketches for freaks

Here are some quick sketches for freaks we scribbled on Sunday. You’ll see the man with no legs and the boy with flippers for arms! You’ll see Mr. Electro, the human battery!

and You’ll see more next week. 3 days of building over the holiday weekend!