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Opening Night

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

Live blogging, you suck. You’re not painting a giant head, or fixing motor wiring so they work. You’re not helpful to building a haunt.

16-hour days for 8 days in row. No time to blog. And we barely just made it with a good haunt. Not everything I wanted it to be. Some signage didn’t get made, a lot of letters went undone. Some stuff broke and didn’t get fixed. But we have tomorrow. Halloween day to improve and fix some stuff. See if we can get the 3-axis going, power up the FCGs. Paint my mask.

We had about 150 to 200 people come by to check out the haunt on its opening night. I was mad about stuff breaking and not getting lit right or at all. But by 7:30, I couldn’t resist and I put on half of my costume and got in some scares. The new drop panel was a hit!

It’s midnight now and I need to sleep, but here is a taste of what bad dreams are made of:


_MG_2035 _MG_2055 _MG_2040

_MG_2058 IMG_1975

Read More!_MG_2064

Candy Creep is done!

Thursday, October 28th, 2010


Final Week – Tuesday, Wednesday, and crappy cellphone apps

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Oh man. WordPress for Android saves my live blogs as a draft so you can never see them.

Ok this live blogging sounded cool, but We have so much to do it’s making me insane. Really! I am mad all the time. The prop nazi is going blitzkrieg!

Again no pics today, but I’ll put some up tomorrow. Promise.

My laptop threw a fit on the day I was going to set up the 3 axis skull. It’s fine now, it’s a dumb glitch, but it set me off. I was a mad man.

So I got some 2×2’s at the Do-It Center, threw em at Joe and told him to frame out some walls for me! Then I set to weathering the booths. I was a flurry and fury of paint. Thanks to today’s extreme lack of humidity and face cracking dryness, My washes dried in minutes instead of hours. I got all the booths done. I also got covered in paint, since I used a roller to apply a wash. Think of a wet dog shaking it out.

I made a to-do list for everyone but me, and everyone got it almost all done (except technical stuff I would have to show them).

All in all Tuesday and Wednesday were good. Thursday, we’ll see.

Final week – Monday

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010




On Monday I worked non stop. I did not eat lunch. I did not take pictures. 9 hours of straight work.

I built the cabinet for the museum of oddities. I also re-did the FCG ribs so that they can be mounted under the eaves of the house so that they will be out of the rain. I also painted some zombies. Joe painted the scare Booth and helped me here and there.

Now some pics!

Build Week 19 – Sunday

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

Today got off to a slow start but enough got done to still call it a great success. No completed props to show yet, but a lot of construction and assembly got done.

Look at the hedge

It was a lot of wait and go work. We got the stencils painted onto the Scarousel, but not as much work as we wanted to due to time. If there is time at the end of the week, I’ll add more flourishes. Now look in the background, up on the Hedge. While we were working on building stuff, Tricia started to wrap up her conjoined twins. She skipped a step or two in normal construction, but it looks so freaky you’ll cry a little when you see it finished.

The worlds most popular phone booth

Due to bad weather, both today and forecasted for the week, we didn’t put up the full scarousel. Rain and highwinds are doom for any prop, so we leveled and put up the sturdiest parts.

Here is where we were busy running errands and working like mad so no one thought to take pictures.

Here is what we got finished:

  • We put up the walkthrough head.
  • We built the drop panel wall of the “scare booth” that goes behind Rasputin’s mouth.
  • I cut out the decorative facade for the Museum of Oddities with a scrollsaw
  • Kendra turned an old groundbreaker into a puppet

Then it started raining around 4pm. So we put away most of the stuff, and I finished installing the wall with the drop panel while Kendra went to the store and bought some plastic sheeting.


Then we covered everything in sheeting. We had a sheet of 1/2 plywood that got wet this week. It is so warped, that no of it is usable. So we paid the money to protect all of our work so far. Wednesday is when everyone is coming back to finish setitng up. So I bet by wednesday night you will see the Scarousel totally done, weather permitting.

Tip of the Iceberg

Seo Tools

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are props all over the house and in the backyard too. And then more. At my house. Oh joy!