Build Week 14 – 2010

This last Saturday we assembled the nearly complete carousel or the first time. I was a chance  for everyone to learn how it goes together and to see how it would hold up.  The first time you do anything it doesnt go smoothly, but we learned how to get it together and I bet now we can get it completely assembled in under an hour.

assembles for the first time

Here you can see that by aving the bottom on three sections we can attach them last, giving us room to work around the carousel as we install the top.

Roughing in the creatures

Once the top was on and secured we set in the bottom sides. We arranged our creatures in the order we thought looked best and figured out how far from the center column they should be.

Almost done

Nightlife Guide

Then I measured and drilled out the plywood with a 2″circular drill attachment. The fit was very nice. Beneath each channel is a “U” shaped channel made from scrap plywood and 1x2s. To install you see the pole in the bottom and then push up ever so slightly on the roof and push the top into the hole. Each pole sits 3/4′ below the plywood.

On Sunday I started cutting a decorative scalloped trim to go around the top and bottom edges of the carousel, but I ran out of supplies and was unable to locate any more that day. THe trim is from 1/8′ mdf masonite, which bend very easily. This will cover some of the rougher jigsaw work and where we forgot to label the wood when we cut it (each cut makes the wood like a puzzle piece, a boring puzzle, but those cuts will fit together best).

Painting the Scarousel

Meanwhile on Sunday Patty, Courtney, Tricia, and Karen primed and painted the carousel in a deep red. (It was a beehive of activity so not many pictures were taken that day).

Zac and Jay gettin it done!

Meanwhile Jay and Zac built a libations stand. Ciders and Ales, Get your Ciders and Ales!! Only one has poison!!!

Zac and Courtney got started on painting there booths also.


Instead of pouting over a lack of masonite (thanks Home Depot Retards) I finished up my remote FCG rig, tested it, then built a second one. They will all be powered by the PSU on the first rig. These rigs will actuate puppets along the walkway to the door.

Kendra was painting her gryphon, but I didn’t get any pics of that. We’ll be finishing that up first thing this saturday.

Now I am off to Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights!

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