Build Week 13 – 2010

This weekend was a mixed bag. Saturday was super productive, but Sunday crashed and burned. Certain people who made plans to come over for lunch stood me up. I stopped working on halloween early to come hang out with them and then they don’t even call. Banned for life!

But let’s focus on the positive! Saturday saw Patty, Kendra, and Tricia begin the decorating on the Scarousel. They got some mirrors and some cool textured wallpaper to decorate the center column. They’ll bling it out with gems and trim embellishments.

Textured Wallpaper Taggin crew


A close-up of the cool wallpaper.

Carousel top

Patty has finished sewing the top for the carousel.

While the girls were working on the carousel, Zac and I worked on a couple games booths. We them almost completely built. They really just need paint job and window dressing.

Bowl the Skull

Bowl the Skull

Drown the Clown

Drown the Clown

Gettin Sh*t done!

I finished the top assembly for the carousel. It’s ready to put together.


I mean it Dragillion

Since the last build day Patty finished her carousel creature.

On Sunday patty and Kendra painted the carousel center gold and inhaled enough metal flake to give 2o babies cancer. I worked on the hot dog stand.

Hot Dog Stand

Patty reserves the right to refuse service to anyone!

Dragon mache

Credit Card Consolidation

I was able to mache my dragon the Friday of Labor Day weekend before we went camping.

Next weekend should see the carousel finished and built save for some painting and bling.

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