Build Week 12 – 2010

It’s been three months of working on Halloween so far and we have two months left to finish all the things we want to build. We got a lot done this weekend which makes taking off for labor day weekend ok!

Zac finished his fiji mermaid carousel creature this weekend. He gave it a custom sea foam candy sparkle finish. All the girls now want to make their creatures sparkle! Now my dragon will have to sparkle so it matches.

le sculpt Adding sparkle

FEEJEE Mermaid

Patty finished her creatures head (after having to work for 11 days straight with no time off thank you very much). Then she got it attached to her creature’s body with some help from Joe and a lot of epoxy.

getting the horn on Help me get this head on

Tricia continued the super intense and awkward job of macheing the conjoined twins Roofus and Doofus. There are a lot of angles on those guys!

oh quit it you two!

Kendra did some detail work on her gryphon’s wings and then started on a  giant pair of hands!

joint compound texture

kinda feathery Making giant hands

I took off Friday and worked all three days of the weekend on one prop. Here it is so far:

Grapevine Chill Club

4 Responses to “Build Week 12 – 2010”

  1. CB says:

    I really love the Grind Creep. Awesome!

  2. Mr. Chicken says:

    Grinder Creep is gonna ROCK!

  3. Matt E. Horn says:

    This is great. Will there be some guts and gore coming out of the other side?

  4. Devils Chariot says:

    No, just a lot of flowers and teddy bears spilling out of it.

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