Build Week 11 – 2010

YAY! This weekend marked the glorious return of Zac and Tricia to the haunted garage! A lot got done, and progress was made.

strrrrriiiiiiippppppp! getting some tail

Zac finished the mermaid build up and the paper mache all in one weekend. Full steam ahead!

mache, hey hey! mache sashe

Kendra finished up the mache on the gryphon body on Saturday, and mached the wings, hands, and other odds and ends on Sunday.

What the hell is that? A little bit of awesome.

Trica bulked up and started mache on her abomination to God and all that is decent in the World this weekend. I didn’t get a shot of the mache, but She’ll be wrapping it up next weekend, I’ll snap some shots then.

Patty creature

Patty has been working on the head to her carousel creature. 10 straight work days hasn’t kept her from kicking ass. I think this week she’ll be adding lips and teeth, so it’s gonna look pretty cool next week (and less birdlike)!

Garden gnomes

What a nice summer day in the garden indeed, butterflies flitting about, birds bathing in the fountain, and praying mantis crawling up your leg. These guys are standing here so I can block in the prop that goes between them. This prop:

Does this have meat in it?

Anyone hungry for hotdogs?

Here is a close up of the characters from earlier this week:

Grinder creep

Lil' Butcher


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