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Build Week 12 – 2010

Monday, August 30th, 2010

It’s been three months of working on Halloween so far and we have two months left to finish all the things we want to build. We got a lot done this weekend which makes taking off for labor day weekend ok!

Zac finished his fiji mermaid carousel creature this weekend. He gave it a custom sea foam candy sparkle finish. All the girls now want to make their creatures sparkle! Now my dragon will have to sparkle so it matches.

le sculpt Adding sparkle

FEEJEE Mermaid

Patty finished her creatures head (after having to work for 11 days straight with no time off thank you very much). Then she got it attached to her creature’s body with some help from Joe and a lot of epoxy.

getting the horn on Help me get this head on

Tricia continued the super intense and awkward job of macheing the conjoined twins Roofus and Doofus. There are a lot of angles on those guys!

oh quit it you two!

Kendra did some detail work on her gryphon’s wings and then started on a  giant pair of hands!

joint compound texture

kinda feathery Making giant hands

I took off Friday and worked all three days of the weekend on one prop. Here it is so far:

Grapevine Chill Club

Build Week 11 – 2010

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

YAY! This weekend marked the glorious return of Zac and Tricia to the haunted garage! A lot got done, and progress was made.

strrrrriiiiiiippppppp! getting some tail

Zac finished the mermaid build up and the paper mache all in one weekend. Full steam ahead!

mache, hey hey! mache sashe

Kendra finished up the mache on the gryphon body on Saturday, and mached the wings, hands, and other odds and ends on Sunday.

What the hell is that? A little bit of awesome.

Trica bulked up and started mache on her abomination to God and all that is decent in the World this weekend. I didn’t get a shot of the mache, but She’ll be wrapping it up next weekend, I’ll snap some shots then.

Patty creature

Patty has been working on the head to her carousel creature. 10 straight work days hasn’t kept her from kicking ass. I think this week she’ll be adding lips and teeth, so it’s gonna look pretty cool next week (and less birdlike)!

Garden gnomes

What a nice summer day in the garden indeed, butterflies flitting about, birds bathing in the fountain, and praying mantis crawling up your leg. These guys are standing here so I can block in the prop that goes between them. This prop:

Does this have meat in it?

Anyone hungry for hotdogs?

Here is a close up of the characters from earlier this week:

Grinder creep

Lil' Butcher


Sketches from the Carnival of Risk

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

I have been sketching ideas for this years haunt for the last two years. Most of these aren’t going to get used, or not used this year, but I thought you might enjoy a peek behind the scenes.

house of mystery

This is possible the entrance to the maze that will be in the driveway. Might not make it this year.

Yours souls are all belong to us, hoomins!

One of the game booths we will be building. Bowl a Skull.

Zac's Concept Art

This is Zac’s sketch of his game booth, Drown the Clown. It’s one of those squirt the water in the mouths of clowns to win a race.


We have already made two of these ideas. These will go in Candy Creep’s cart. The pinwheel is not a turd ROXY! But I like that idea. Needs some corn.

Sign version 1

THis is the latest and most likely the final design.

haunt 2010 sign 1-2-3

These are some of the ideas I had over the last year.

Carousel Dragon Carousel Merman

Some carousel creature sketches.

There will be more sketches to come. If you want to see more, just look under the “Concept Art” category.

Build week 10 – 2010

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Happy birthday to Zac who turned 29 on Monday! We went to the Mummies of the World exhibit at the California Science Center on Saturday for Zac’s birthday. Dead people really do look like paper mache. I got a great book about the exhibit that is like 4 inches thick and has tons of pictures of decay, mummies, and other creepy stuff.

On Sunday Kendra and Patty got started on the mache of their carousel creatures. I forgot to bring my camera, so there is only a few pics from my phone, whose battery was near dead.


I worked on the carousel, finishing the construction of the assembly linkages. I have built it to break down into 7 easily stored pieces that go together like a puzzle in about 30 minutes. Here’s me fitting the top:


There is still a long way to go on this carousel, and it is eating up a lot of our build time. One more hour of work next week, and then it will just be a matter of  decoration and painting. The fun part.

We are down two builders this year (at least for now) and we might have to scale back. I am fighting to finish all the things we have planned. To get it all done, I will have to work at home on the weeknights doing anything and everything I can. I have been working out the build schedule,  I’ll post a screenshot when I’m done. It’s gonna be way worse than last year’s schedule.

Build Week 9 – 2010

Monday, August 9th, 2010

This week I took off Friday to work in the garage with Patty on her day off. It was a nice day and we got alot done. We nearly completed the pre-mache build of our carousel creatures.

My dragon got  wings, a tail, and some feet.

tres diablos ride!! hay

Patty’s Pony of Doom got very close to being finished also.

Patty and her unicorm

On Saturday Kendra came out and nearly finished her Gryphon/Griffin.

This gryphon is ready to fly

Night Club Excuses In Dallas

I got started on another extra evil skeleton.

daarrrr,,,,, skulleyosis

I also redid the skeleton build up of the Mermaid, which was too small in comparison to the other creatures. I gave it little creepy arms and hands. I also added a larger fan like tail.