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Build Week 3 – 2010

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Simi Plywood Massacre!

This weekend was the start of our most ambitious prop to date and probably the most expensive one. It’s expensive because plywood is expensive. I would have scaled this way down to save money, but I was fortunate enough to sell my old car instead of donating it. I say that means it counts as free money! So I set half of it aside for Halloween projects, and already half of that half has been spent! On plywood.

Texas Handsaw Massacre

Thats a lotta Plywood Seems strong enough

So that's how my butt crack got sun burned For Scale

center column Dear Lord, let this cut be true

Stand on it, then I'll screw it in Assembling the center column

Can you guess what we are building? Tune in next week to find out. It’s 3 day weekend of doom!

FuCan you guess what we are building? Tune in next week and find out!

Good things happen to Bad people, and bad things too.

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

The Bad + The Good + The Bad Again:

We should be on build week 4 by now don’t ya think? Unfortunately crap happens and you just have to sit and take it. Two weeks ago my old car finally blew its timing belt. I had just been to the mechanic that week and he told me it would cost $1300 bucks to replace it (they have to pull the engine and all that). I decided it’s time to put that car to rest. Sigh. So many good memories. However, we must move on and so I’d like to introduce the new haunt mobile.

new car

Nightlife Pictures

It’s a Honda Element. It has a lot of cargo room, and you can flip the seats up out of the way. It has a rubber floor which is good for the times when you don’t get those paint lids on tight or you have some great stuff on your shoes. So yay new car but boo to new car payments.

I’ll blame this last week on Father’s day and the two Dads who stole away my haunt crew.

The Good:

golden skull trophy - best static prop

Something good did happen that has no downsides, yet. The mailman delivered our Golden Skull trophy we won in the Haunters Video contest. It looks awesome and is heavy like a bowling ball. It is proudly displayed at Patty’s house so everyone can enjoy it and get motivated to build an even more awesome haunt this year. Thanks to the Haunt Award organizers for this great prize.

Next weekend should be pretty rad as we will be building our carousel. That’s a big project. See ya then!

Build Season Week 2 – 2010

Monday, June 7th, 2010

This weekend was kinda stop and start, hit and miss. The forecast was for temps nearing 100F, but it turned out to be about 88F with nice breezes. This had kept enthusiasm down for working in the garage. People also had to work over the weekend. I also forgot to bring a lot of stuff and had to go to the hardware store. Twice.

Tricia learns to Solder and Makes some LED spots Zac aka

This isn't going to turn out well Wychwood Organic Cider and  Foam-it 5 jaw bone

Pm Lounge Dallas Tx
Seo Tools
Night Lif

On Sunday Zac, Tricia, and I got out to the garage and worked on a few things. We started making new LED spots based on Haunt the Yards’s how-to but scaled them up using thin walled 1″ pvc pipes and angles. This allows us to store the battery inside of the spot instead of having one loose outside of the spot, where it could easily get wet, dirty, or kicked. Tricia learned how to solder this weekend (she says it just like welding but way less dangerous) and really got into wiring up the spotlights. Zac worked on some clown corpse heads to go in his game booth that he built last week. I cast some jaws from my new jaw mold to go on Zac’s clown head craniums. The detail is very good, but the user freindly-ness could be better. The mold’s design was adapted from a design meant to do solid resin casts of a jaw, and not the rather brittle and lightweight foam castings. With care it makes very nice, very affordable jaw bones.

Build Season Week 1 – 2010

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

This will be our fourth year haunting. We did three years of Haunted Tiki Island, which was a success with the neighbors and found a few fans on the Internet. Three years is one more year than we planned. We had considered switching to a different theme after the second year of HTI, but we had more ideas for HTI and got more ambitious. Now that the third year has come and gone, and although we loved HTI, we need new creative challenges and mental space for new ideas. This year, we will be rolling out a new theme. Well, it’s new for us, but it’s a haunted house classic: the Haunted Carnival. But we’re going to make it as different and unusual as we can. We’re also going to try to make it as good as the third year of Haunted Tiki Island, which mean a lots of props and sets have to be built.

We got started last weekend with a couple of game booths. Something simple to start off on.

packin it in materials.. check!

Don't look at my teeth Open for Business!

So far, So good!

Thrive Nightclub
Dallas Web Development

Haunted Tiki Island the Movie

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

Each year I have made a video compilataion of photos and movie clips for the haunt crew to watch and get excited for the new build season. This is the slideshow of the photographs from Halloween 2009. This version is different than the ones you will see on the Hauntforum or Home Haunters dvds. I hope you like it.